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Aron Raams:
'This quy, nows what to play and when to play it! Love his touch love his feel.
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Stacks Image 763
Barbara Straathof
' We go way back. She has such a warm and soulful voice, she is a fun loving person! '
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Stacks Image 1162
Berget Lewis
' She is one of the best singers we have available in this country. Her voice has international allure! '
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Stacks Image 1266
Candy Dulfer
' What can i say.... i have never met such a professional and sweet person. Candy brings it every time she is on! '
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Stacks Image 1274
Dave Breidenbach
' Such a steady and allround bass player an all and all lovely person to play with and be around'
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Stacks Image 1258
Dirk van der Wal
' I call him the professor, i have never met someone that know so much about music and can play everything he touches. Great musician and composer '
Stacks Image 1290
Stacks Image 1314
' Her voice is soft, smooth, soulful and lovely just like her personality '
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Stacks Image 1354
Eddy Koopman
' Multi percussionist and composer, he has a lot of humor and is a great guy '
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Stacks Image 1378
Efe Erdem
' Classically trained but yet so soulful, he plays from the heart '
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Stacks Image 1410
Frankie McCoy
' She has performed all over the world and she brings that experience to every performance she gives. Frankie tells you a story and shows her true self true every song. '
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Stacks Image 1442
Han Litz
' This man really understands my sound, i have never met someone who is that steady, he always delivers! . '
Stacks Image 1990
Stacks Image 1966
Jan Kooper
' Multi disciplinary and he really brings Soul to the table, love his play . '
Stacks Image 1958
Stacks Image 1998
Jazzy D
' Mister groovy himself! I love his fast play and solos, we go a long way back . '
Stacks Image 2022
Stacks Image 2030
' He has got funk and soul, we work back to back on and off stage. '
Stacks Image 2054
Stacks Image 2062
Lo van Gorp
' He has got a silk voice a he is so soulful, music wise but also as a person. '
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Stacks Image 619
' Marcussion multi percussionist and composer and he is specialised in house music. He is just a ball of positive energy on and off stage. '
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Stacks Image 641
Martin Gort
'Allround percussionist and he is an all around nice guy!, . '
Stacks Image 657
Stacks Image 681
Monte La Rue
'Monte has been my musical inspiration for as long as he has been around, later on he became my musical friend. '
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Stacks Image 715
Stanley Alejandro Clementina
Multi instrumentalist Stanley, such an inspiring and soulful guy!
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Stacks Image 737
Teus Nobel
'Jazz cat Nobel, love the guy. His humor is just as great as his play. '
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Stacks Image 783
Robin Koerts
'Robin Koerts is a musical genius and such a modest person. '